JUST IN: Trump’s Morning Tweets Just Went Platinum Viral!


President Trump took to Twitter this morning and once again blasted democrats for their refusal to meet and work to end the Govenrment shutdown:

Democrats should come back to Washington and work to end the Shutdown, while at the same time ending the horrible humanitarian crisis at our Southern Border. I am in the White House waiting for you!

Democrats could solve the Shutdown in 15 minutes! Call your Dem Senator or Congresswoman/man. Tell them to get it done! Humanitarian Crisis.

Trump then called out a Washington Post Reporter for his fake claim that the White House was in Chaos.

I just watched a Fake reporter from the Amazon Washington Post say the White House is “chaotic, there does not seem to be a strategy for this Shutdown. There is no plan.” The Fakes always like talking Chaos, there is NONE. In fact, there’s almost nobody in the W.H. but me, and…

The combined tweets have already nearly received 100K views in just a few hours.

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