JUST IN: Trump Says Diplomacy FAILED, Sends Bombers To North Korea


We are at the very brink of full-scale war with North Korea.

Following what is nothing less than the murder of American student Otto Warmbier, Trump has delivered a very clear message to Pyongyang.

Warmbier was arrested last year in North Korea for trying to steal a propaganda poster. He was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for “crimes against the state.”

Trump secured his return, but the young man came back in a coma and died just a few days ago.

Our commander-in-chief is PISSED, and posted to Twitter that he now considers diplomacy to have failed when it comes to reining in North Korea.

The same day, Trump flew two B-1B Lancer supersonic strategic bombers over North Korea in a powerful show of force.

North Korea responded by threatening to “annihilate” the United States.

From the Daily Express:

Angered by the Republican’s war cry, Pyongyang released a statement vowing to match America’s military challenge.

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The statement released via the state’s mouthpiece Rodong Sinmun said: “The US’s persistent sanctions and military pressure will only precipitate its miserable end.

“No matter how desperate the US tightens the sanctions and military pressure, the DPRK North Korea will bring stronger pressure and bitterer suffering to it.

“If the US imperialists dare provoke the DPRK, failing to properly understand its military might and strategic position and its army and people’s fixed will to settle accounts with the US, they will face a mercilessly annihilating retaliatory strike.

“The DPRK will keep to the road chosen by it, resolutely meeting the U.S. vicious and desperate challenge by bolstering up its nuclear force.”

At this point, President Trump’s response to that will probably be: BRING IT ON

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