JUST IN: Trump Reveals Next Executive Order, Liberals FREAK!


President Donald Trump is a man of action, and a man of his word.

So much so that everybody, including his supporters, are stunned by how dedicated he is to fulfilling his campaign promises.

Unlike with past presidential candidates, the people really are getting what they voted for with President Trump.

He’s already put a clamp on illegal immigration, and he’s pushing Mexico hard to help build a wall and prevent unauthorized crossing of the border.

Now President Trump is about to take his immigration policies one step further, again, in accordance with what he told the American people he would do.

Trump’s next executive order will make the US immigration system far more “merit-based” than it is today.

You see, the problem is that a majority of all immigrants to this nation end up on welfare and social benefits.

Sorry, but THAT is NOT the American dream.

Trump has no problem admitting immigrants, but America wants immigrants who are going to work hard and make something of themselves. Not ones who just want to leech off the state.

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The new order will “deny admission to any alien who is likely to become a public charge” – a fancy way of saying “welfare leech.”

It will also enable deportation of any immigrants who become a “public charge” within their first five years in the country.

The message is clear: “Welcome to America, where we work hard and obey the law!”

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