JUST IN: Trump Has NOT Been Impeached


Yes, the Democrat-led House of Representatives voted in favor of impeaching President Trump.

But, according to at least one leading law professor, the process is not yet complete, and Trump has not yet truly been impeached.

It’s hard to claim that Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman is some Trump-supporting quack. After all, he was one of the constitutional law experts brought in by the Democrats to argue in favor of impeachment.

In an article for Bloomberg, Feldman insisted that the impeachment is not yet official until Nancy Pelosi actually transmits the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

And Pelosi has refused to do so until she is guaranteed that the Senate will conduct a fair trial (read: until the Senate will go along with her agenda of removing Trump from office). You see, the Democrats are a bit worried here because the Senate has never actually found a president guilty after he was impeached by the House.

So, according to Feldman, until Pelosi accepts that Trump’s probably not going to be removed from office and just gets on with sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, Trump hasn’t been impeached.

There are plenty of other law experts who disagree with Feldman on his interpretation of how impeachment works, but there’s no doubt he makes a solid argument.

Via The New York Times

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