JUST IN: Three Killed in Horrific Terrorist Stabbing; Muslims Celebrate


We can no longer turn a blind eye to Muslim incitement.

We can no longer pretend that what imams and jihadists tell young Muslims in Arabic does’t matter.

We can no longer let Arab leaders get away with telling us one thing in English, while they incite to murder in their own language.

Because the politically correct approach we’ve been taking so far only leads to blood.

Just ask the residents of Neve Tzuf, a small Israeli town north of Jerusalem.

Like on every other Friday evening, Jewish locals were preparing for the weekly Sabbath when a 19-year-old Palestinian Arab man broke into one family’s home and proceeded to mercilessly slaughter its inhabitants.

Killed in the gruesome attack were a man in his 60s and two of his children, both in their 40s. The man’s wife was critically injured.

The family had come together for the Sabbath meal. And now they are no more.

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The knife-wielding terrorist, who was neutralized by a neighbor who is an Israeli soldier, is from a nearby Palestinian village.

Like so many other young Palestinian men, he had spent years being brainwashed to hate infidels, and especially Jews. And he was taught that to die while murdering non-Muslims would earn him an honored place in “paradise.”

We continue to ignore this phenomenon at our own risk and folly.

Source: Times of Israel

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