JUST IN: This is Who Obama’s Backing For President Against Trump


If there’s one thing all Democrats can agree on, it’s their hatred for President Trump. And a growing number are already lining up for the chance to challenge the incumbent in the 2020 presidential election.

But backing is going to play a major role in deciding who eventually runs against Trump. So, who are major figures in the Democratic Party supporting for that “honor”?

Well, we now know that Barack Obama is backing Massachusetts Gov. Deal Patrick.

According to Politico:

David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett are two of the Obama alums urging the 61-year-old Patrick to consider a White House bid.

Jarrett, one of Obama’s closest White House advisers, told Politico that a Patrick presidential bid is what “my heart desires.”

“He has the ability to touch people’s hearts as well as their minds,” Jarrett said recently. “I think our country is ready for that now — let alone in three years.”

“He’s kind of a natural to look at because he was a successful governor, he is an inspiring guy, and you have to ask yourself what is the country going to be looking for in their next president after this guy?” said Axelrod, who has advised Patrick in the past.

Interestingly, this move by Obama’s closest confidantes appears to be yet another Democratic slap in the face of former Vice President Joe Biden.

Traditionally, a vice president will receive his party’s nomination for president after his boss has served two terms. Biden didn’t.

Now, Obama looks to be backing Deval Patrick, even as Biden has been suggesting that he’ll throw his hat in the ring in 2020.

From The Daily Caller:

A Patrick presidential bid could cause a dilemma for Obama White House alums as former Vice President Joe Biden appears interested in running in 2020.

Biden, who has expressed regret over not running in 2016, remains popular among former Obama staffers.

While Trump would presumably wipe the floor with Biden, Patrick poses a much greater threat to his second term.

Patrick is well-spoken and popular. It also does hurt that he’s black. Just ask Barack Obama, who won his first term almost solely on the color of his skin.

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