JUST IN: They’ve All Resigned! Now Democrats Have Some Explaining To Do


If there was ever a clear indication of guilt, this has to be it.

Oddly enough, we have the mainstream media, in the form of the New York Times, to thank for bringing liberals to their knees.

The Times recently revealed that Hollywood hotshot Harvey Weinstein, a major backers of Hillary Clinton and other top Democrats, has been sexually harassing women for the past TWO DECADES.

Democrats have tried to keep the story as quiet as possible, but two more of Weinstein’s board members just resigned in response to this scandal.

From Deadline.com:

The dominoes continue to fall in the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment case. Deadline has confirmed that two more Weinstein Company board members — Tim Sarnoff and Marc Lasry — resigned today in the wake of Thursday’s devastating New York Times report that outlines a pattern of behavior stretching back at least two decades.

Sarnoff’s day job is as Deputy CEO and President of Production at Technicolor. Lasry is a billionaire hedge fund manager, CEO of Avenue Capital Group and a co-owner of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. Their board exits follow by hours that of billionaire investor Dirk Ziff.

It’s already as clear as day that Weinstein did what he’s being accused of.

The question now is if Democrats are going to keep the huge sums of money he gave them.

Because that would be ENORMOUSLY hypocritical after all their accusations that President Trump is a sexist womanizer.

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