JUST IN: They’re Trying To Suspend Fox News’ Shepard Smith


A Petition to suspend Fox News Anchor Sheppard Smith for a sexual assault claim is gaining steam.

As reported by magavoter.com

The petition reads:

According to a new bombshell report from BigLeaguePolitics, Shep Smith has been accused of Sexual Assault by a man.

Fox News has been fast to suspend allies of President Trump, such as Judge Jeanine for merely expressing her opinion on Ilhan Omar.

In addition in July of 2017, Fox News suspended Charles Payne for having a sexual assault allegation against him.

Payne was later found to be innocent and reinstated, but not before an investigation.

In order for Fox News to not show hypocrisy and treat Anti-Trump Shep Smith like others, we believe Shep Smith should be immediately suspended to investigate the claim against him.

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