JUST IN: The View Is Over… FINALLY!


The View has fallen a long way since Barbara Walters was a host on the show, and the legendary newswoman is blaming ABC brass for destroying the show’s legacy.

Walters created the show with Bill Geddie, but now she is afraid it will only be remembered for a turnover cast and classless backstage fights, the New York Post reported.

“She feels they’ve ruined the franchise that she and Bill Geddie built,” a source told Page Six. “Instead of focusing on smart, educated women with strong talent, they case uninformed child actors on the show. The legacy has been compromised because of poor casting and bad leadership under ABC News.”

Walters was noticeably absent from a reunion of the show’s original cast members last month. A representative for the show adamantly denied rumors of a rift, claiming Walters was on a previously planned vacation.

“She calls the control room multiple times a week to offer her suggestions,” her rep told reporters. “She has a wonderful relationship with the show.”

A representative for ABC also insisted all is well with the show’s creator.

“There’s no better producer than Barbara Walters, and we’re always grateful for her notes about the show,” the rep told reporters. “The ratings are up, and we’re very proud of the team.”

Candace Cameron-Bure was the latest host to leave the show. Sources told Page Six she disappeared for weeks before she officially asked to be let out of her contract. She reportedly left a ‘Hot Topics’ meeting because she was not feeling well.

“She went home and no one heard from her for several weeks—even her close friends at the show,” the source commented. “People thought she was about to have a breakdown because she was exhausted. She didn’t return anyone’s calls and went AWOL.”

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