JUST IN: The Lid Was Just Blown On The Intelligence Community and The Truth Has Just Been Exposed!


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According to a report from a former intelligence agent had information on mass surveillance of private citizens that was occurring within the intelligence community during the Obama administration.

This former agent allegedly attempted to disprove the false claims that have been spewed by James Comey, Senators and Congressman within the Intelligence Committees about evidence concerning Trump’s wiretap claim.

Newsmax is claiming this is the reason Representative Nunes was forced to hold a press conference today before the whistleblower came forward.

The House Intelligence Committee confirmed that US spooks did indeed spy on Trump and his team.

The “surveillance” had nothing to do with the bogus investigation into the Trump’s Russian connection.

Trump needs to use this to nail these tyrants to the wall. Obama, Holder, Lynch, Hillary etc.


Fox News Host interviewed Congressman Pete King who sits on the House Permanent Comittee on Intelligence and King confirmed what President Trump has been saying all along.

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H/T: NewsMax

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