JUST IN: Supreme Court Moves to INVALIDATE Trump’s Election


The Supreme Court has taken a dangerous step toward allowing radical Democrats to challenge the legitimate election of an American president.

Even if the motion fails, the media will take the opportunity to damage Trump’s presidency, and set a terrible precedent for others who want to oust him.

The lawsuit was actually filed back in December by three female members of the Occupy Democrats group.

At the time, everyone brushed off the ridiculous motion that the 2016 presidential election be redone.

Trump himself refused to comment on it, because that’s not how our democracy works.

But now the Supreme Court has actually scheduled a hearing on the motion!

On March 17, the Supreme Court of the United States will hear a petition by Occupy Democrats on legally invalidating Trump’s presidency and redoing the election.

If four of the eight Supreme Court justices rule that the petition is legally sound, it will go to a full hearing and possibly to trial.

Democrats are so unhinged over Trump’s victory that they’d rather cripple the governance of our nation for years to come then give him a chance to do the job.

H/T Angry Patriot

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