JUST IN: Reports Confirm Body of Missing Iowa Student, Mollie Tibbetts, Has Been Found


Mollie Tibbetts became known across the country after her mysterious disappearance over 5 weeks ago. Officials have been investigating the case from every angle in hopes to find some answers about what happened to the missing student from the University of Iowa.

Mollie was originally reported to be missing after she failed to show up for work. She works in a small town of about 1,500 people and was living there over the summer with her boyfriend. She was last seen going for a job in the area.

Sadly, officials are reporting that her body has been found. It is a truly tragic ending to a story that so many people hoped would have a happy resolution.

We will bring you the latest information as this story unfolds. Please join us in praying for the entire Tibbetts family as they endure this tragedy. We ask that God would surround and comfort them with His mercy and love.

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