JUST IN: President Trump BLOCKS Syrian Refugees from Crossing U.S. Borders


President Donald Trump has a draft executive order which will likely be signed on Thursday, suspends all refugee processing for 120 days.

Refugee processing from Syria into the United States will end entirely, as will immigration from Syria.

Alicia Caldwell of the Associated Press reports that “additionally, for at least thirty days, immigration will be suspended from a group of seven predominantly Muslim countries.

These are the same countries, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and a few others that were listed by Congress as countries of particular concern with regard to visa waiver program travel.

Reuters reports the other three nations in the group of seven are Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Somalia has been one of Obama’s favorite infestations to burden America with and one of the most dangerous.

She notes in the video that the responses have been as one would expect, with those supporting the President also in agreement with the security measures being taken and those in favor of importing more of the same opposed.


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