Just In: Pentagon Reveals Details of Trump’s Military Parade


President Trump has been taking a lot of flak for planning a military parade.

Liberals are predictably trying to compare him to the likes of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, who regularly puts on military parades to demonstrate his nation’s “power.”

But, as usual, such liberals didn’t bother to check their facts before bashing the president.

A Pentagon planning memo sent to the Joints Chiefs of Staff this last week revealed the focus of the parade Trump is planning.

While military aircraft will be involved, there won’t be any tanks or other heavy vehicles. That’s because the focus isn’t American might, which is already obvious to all.

The focus is honoring our veterans and the “price of freedom.”

And that fits right in with Trump’s overwhelming desire to finally give veterans and all men and women in uniform the attention and respect they so very much deserve.

Via Independent Journal Review

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