JUST IN: Obama’s Lawyers REQUEST Electoral College REJECT Trump


The top former ethics lawyers for the White House in the past two administrations dropped a bombshell on Donald Trump this week when they each agreed that he is on course to give the Electoral College sufficient motive to vote against him and therefore reject him from taking the presidency.

Occupy Democrats reported that the Electoral College is set to convene to vote on December 19, and Trump has vowed to hold a press conference before then to explain how he plans to deal with his businesses while he’s in office.


With no date set for his press conference and only five days left before the electors vote, liberals are now saying that Trump will violate the clause in the Constitution that states a president or any elected official cannot personally profit from their dealings with a foreign leader or government.Richard Painter, who worked for President George W. Bush, and Norman Eisen, who worked for President Barack Obama, jointly issued the following statement:

With Trump’s cancellation of his announcement of how he will handle his admitted business conflicts, electors are now confronted with voting for a man who will be in violation of the Constitution on day one unless he divests, and who has not told us his plan to do that. As we have previously said, electors should search their consciences. Now they must search twice as hard.

Making matters even worse for Trump is the fact that 40 electors have signed a letter to James Clapper, the National Intelligence Director, demanding that they be given an intelligence briefing showing the evidence gathered against Russian influence on the election.

This is just the latest pathetic attempt by liberals to steal the election from Trump.

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