JUST IN: Maxine Waters Just Reignited Calls To Impeach President Trump


Congresswoman Maxine Waters has reignited calls to impeach President Trump by claiming he is conspiring with the Kremlin and Oligarchs of Russia.

As reported by foxnews.com

Maxine Waters has ramped up her President Trump impeachment talks once again.

The California Democrat seemed to be moving on from pushing impeachment when she admitted it was “never discussed” as a realistic strategy among Democrats. But the congresswoman took a very different tone when speaking to supporters this week.

“Some people say, ‘How dare her (sic) come out and say, ‘Impeach him? She doesn’t know enough about him to talk about impeaching him.’ But now the American people, whether they say it or not, they know that this man is dangerous,” Waters told the Woman’s National Democratic Club dinner on Tuesday.

“That certainly, he conspired with the Kremlin and with the oligarchs of Russia.”

Waters, who has frequently attacked President Trump since he took office, went on to question Attorney General William Barr.

“I know that you are all worried about the special counsel and the fact that we have a report that has been described to us in a letter by the attorney general. We don’t know what’s in the report yet, and we’re going to demand it,” she said, according to the Washington Examiner.

She then wrapped up the speech with a message to her supporters: “Let me leave you with this: Despite the fact that we haven’t gotten the report yet, and we’re going after it, and it may be subpoenaed, that it is being worked on. I’m still saying impeach 45.”

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