A warning before we go any further: the video below contains graphic and possibly disturbing images.

When Charles Smith, a black 17-year-old teen, was shot and killed by white police officers in Little Rock, Arkansas this week, you could almost hear Black Lives Matter chomping at the bit.

On the surface, it was a clear-cut case of racially-motivated violence, and social justice warrior sought to keep it that way by spreading the notion that Smith was unarmed.

Just one big problem: Smith wasn’t unarmed.

Not only that, he actually opened fire on the officers, twice, before they finally had no choice but to respond with deadly force.

On Wednesday, the police released the following footage from their dash cam clearly showing that Smith had a gun and attempted the murder the officers with it.

Whether he was just scared or was truly trying to commit murder, Smith got what he sadly deserved under those circumstances.

The real tragedy at this point is that the officers in question, who were just doing their job, have been vilified to the point that Little Rock Police are receiving threats of violence against them.

Source: New York Post

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