Just In: Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Have Been Unsealed, NAMES, Named… Many Redactions Remain


Federal judge Loretta Preska had ordered that five collections of Ghislaine Maxwell’s documents, stemming from her deposition in a defamation case brought by Virginia Guiffre, be posted to a public docket by yesterday.

Late yesterday they were released and the rich and powerful persons named so far stretch all the way to the top of the Democratic Party.

Please keep in mind that these are all allegations at this time, nothing has even proven beyond a reasonable doubt, yet.

It’s worth pointing out that this line of questioning does not directly implicate Clinton in an orgy with an underage person.  It does, however, imply the possibility.

These names have been floating around for nearly a year… ever since James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas broke this story…

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