Just In – Dr. Fauci Says Americans To Get Back To Work, In ‘Days To Weeks’ Antibody Test Coming To Facilitate Opening America Up!


Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on “The Today Show” on Thursday and said the tests could be days or weeks away.

If that is the case, in the best case scenario, we could be mere days away from getting the economy restarted and getting Americans back to work.

“We are told by the companies that make [the tests] that [it will be] very soon… they’re talking days to weeks, that we’d be able to have a large number of these tests available.

“They don’t tell you if you’re infected, they tell you if you have been infected. That answer is very important,” he said.

“There may be many people out there that were infected and asymptomatic and didn’t know it.

“It is likely, but we need to prove it, once you’ve been infected… that you are very likely protected against subsequent challenges to the same virus, which means you may have a cohort of people who are actually protected,” the doctor said.

In laymen’s terms this would mean that those who test positive for the antibodies could go back to work.

That would be a boon to an economy that has seen jobs and businesses destroyed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The jobless claims rose 16.8 million on Thursday, meaning that 10 percent of the American workforce is not working, The Daily Mail reported.

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