War with North Korea has become all but inevitable. And China’s shock announcement proves it.

Days after meeting with President Trump, China’s leader put the nation on highest alert and rushed a massive army to the border with North Korea.

From the Daily Express:

CHINA has scrambled another 25,000 troops to be militarised along the North Korean border as the country is put on ‘nationwide alert’ amid heightened tensions between the hermit state and the West, according to reports.

All five regions military regions from China have been ordered by Beijing to maintain readiness for the possibility of conflict along their border with Kim Jong-un’s kingdom, according to UPI.

This comes as North Korea prepares to detonate another nuclear device:

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered the placement of a nuclear device in a tunnel and is planning to set it off on Saturday, when the rogue state holds celebrations and parades to mark the birth of former ruler Kim il-Sung, known as the ‘Day of the Sun’ in North Korea.

Unconfirmed reports on the publicly-funded Voice of America, which cite American officials, claim the placing of the device underground points to an imminent test.

It comes amid escalating tensions between US President Donald Trump and the North Korean dictator.

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Both Trump and China have warned North Korea that any more nuclear activity could lead to war.

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