JUST IN: Check What Law Enforcement Thinks Caused The California Wildfires


Wildfires in Northern California have left 39 people dead and hundreds missing, and forced over 100,000 to abandon their homes and evacuate.

Law enforcement officials think that the Mexican drug cartels could have started some of the fires.

16 fires have burned over 200,000 acres of land in Northern California so far.

Gotnews reports: Law enforcement authorities – including senior Department of Homeland Security officials noticed that the areas hit hardest by the fires are the same places that California’s marijuana industry legally grows cannabis, and are now starting to suspect foul play.

The suspicious timing and sheer destruction of the fires has led them to believe the Mexican drug cartels – infamous for their ruthless tactics – had a hand in starting them. These cartels, which run a large share of the world’s multi-billion dollar illegal drug trade, certainly have the means to pull of an attack like this.

They also have an enormous incentive to drive up prices and hurt their competitors, and these fires are already accomplishing that. If Mexican drug lord involvement is confirmed, it will likely spark an international crisis between the United States and Mexico over the latter’s failure to rein in its criminal cartels.

Folks, can you believe this?

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