JUST IN: American Embassy Staff Attacked in Cuba, Trump Responds


State Department staff stationed at the US Embassy in Cuba were recently attacked, and we are now learning how President Trump responded to that provocation.

The victims were reportedly hit by sonic weapons that caused hearing loss, and, in at least one case, permanent physical damage.

The silent “acoustic attacks” took place sometime in 2016, and not all in the same location.

All of the embassy employees involved experienced hearing loss and concussions. One had to be flown back to the US for emergency medical treatment.

Officially, both US and Cuban officials are saying they still don’t know the source of the attacks.

But in May of this year, President Trump expelled two Cuban diplomats from Washington in connection with the incident.

An unnamed Trump Administration official told CNN:

“We felt like we needed to respond to the Cubans and remind them of their responsibility under the Vienna convention.”

Source: New York Post

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