Just In: 9 Kids Killed in Horrific School Attack. Total Media Black Out


Nine children were brutally killed in an attack on their middle school last week.

And yet, not a single mainstream media outlet seemed to care.

Two reasons for that.

First, yes, the attack occurred in China, not America. Still, with so many children dead, you’d think it would warrant more than a casual mention.

But the second reason for the media’s near silence was even more telling than the first – the attack wasn’t carried out with guns.

A violent, even deadly attack on children that doesn’t include firearms just isn’t of interests to the likes of MSNBC, CNN and the like because it doesn’t fit their agenda.

In liberal fairytale land, mass killings are only possible with guns.

But try telling that to the people of China’s Shaanxi Province, where a 28-year-old former student entered the school with nothing but a knife, murdering nine and wounding another 10 people.

The killer was reportedly seeking revenge for having been bullied at the school more than 12 years earlier.

This tragedy reinforces what conservatives have been saying all along – guns, or any other kind of weapon, don’t kill people. People kill people.

Our problem in America isn’t the proliferation of firearms. I bet folks in Shaanxi are wishing the teachers at that particular school had been carrying guns.

The real problem is the deterioration of values that has resulted in a larger number of people bereft of the type of morals that would deter them from carrying out such atrocities.

Via Conservative Tribune

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