Just Before His Birthday Toby Keith Releases Heartbreaking News … Trump will Back Him Up after What He did For Him!


Folks, I am sure you remember how before inauguration many artists refused to sing and play for our President.

Toby Keith was one of the few artists that didn’t care about Hollywood and liberal media and decided to play and sing for our First Family.

Right after his performance he received critics from mainstream media and liberal celebrities.

Toby Keith is a true patriot, check his words about his father as a soldier:

“My dad was a soldier. And he’d just passed away about six months before 9/11. We were raised in a soldier’s house, and being raised there, you were around the veterans and the pride that they take in their views of the flag and the country and what things stand for,” Keith said.

“I was just like, ‘Man, what would my dad do today if he was alive and watching this happen?’” he said.

Regarding Trump’s inauguration, he said:

“It’s more of a duty to me, and a true honor to perform for your country.”

Toby hates politicians (thanks God, Trump isn’t one of them):

“Everybody wants their side to get what they want,” he said. “It seems like we get divided more and more all the time.”

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