Judicial Watch Moves To Depose Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Over Racist Interview Policy


Judicial Watch filed a motion on Nov. 23 on behalf of The Daily Caller News Foundation and reporter Thomas Catenacci, asking the court to depose Chicago Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot to discuss her allegedly racist interview policy under oath.

Lightfoot failed to comply with court-ordered deposition in August after a representative refused to answer a series of questions of the Democrat’s policy to interview journalists of color, according to the Judicial Watch press release.

“Defendant Lori Lightfoot breached her obligation…to designate a person or persons to testify on her behalf concerning topics authorized by the Court,” the motion stated. “From the earliest moments of the deposition, it was clear that Mayor Lightfoot failed to produce a witness who could testify to the factual issues raised in her motion to dismiss and within the scope of the Court’s order.”

“Specifically, Kathleen LeFurgy, Mayor Lightfoot’s designee … was grossly ill prepared to testify as Mayor Lightfoot’s designee,” the motion said.

Judicial Watch filed an additional motion on Nov. 23, ordering the Mayor’s office to answer a list of 19 questions under oath along with follow-up questions LeFurgy failed to answer. (RELATED: DCNF Demands Lightfoot Immediately Stops Denying Interview Based On Skin Color)

“Based on the court proceedings to date it sure seems like Mayor Lightfoot is trying to dodge responsibility for her racist policy,” Daily Caller News Foundation President Neil Patel said in the press release. “We hope the court does not let this happen.”

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