Judge Pirro Just Slammed Illegal Aliens For Demanding Massive Citizenship [Video]


Since the beginning of the liberal pressure for DACA and even before, the illegal aliens may have thought that they are invincible and will gain their rights which are much friendlier than our own.

However, their fantasy is about to end and Judge Jeanine Pirro is the one responsible for this news. She just went on Live TV and demolished them.

She bashed them for not being thankful for Trump’s offer of amnesty for an exchange of the wall.

“Instead of being thankful, they’re being indignant,” Pirro said.

“Citizenship is a privilege. We don’t grant it to people because they think they deserve it. What have you done for the United States? … I believe in the American dream. I don’t want anyone to take advantage of it, and I don’t want anyone to ruin it, especially people who are not grateful to be here, who seemingly hate us and call us racists,” she added.

“There needs to be an allegiance to the United States and what this country stands for,” she finished.

Check out the video below:

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One situation that proves her right is when Breitbart editor Joel Pollak stated something very similar during his interview with MSNBC.

“When I hear the ‘DREAMers’ complain about this arrangement, I’m just stunned,”

“I mean, they should be tattooing Donald Trump on their shoulders, or other places, because this is such an amazing deal for them. He even helps those who didn’t apply for the DACA status, who didn’t come forward with information. This is the best deal they could expect to get, and they should be thanking him for it.”

“Instead, I hear complaints, accusations of racism. Nobody owes them anything. Rather than invading congressional offices and using obscenities, they should be showing how American they can be by participating in a respectful way and saying this is a reasonable compromise or first step,” – Pollak’s statements just add more credibility to what Nancy Pelosi said.

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She is 100% right and the illegals should think of what they are doing.

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