Judge Pirro Expected To Return (She Better)


Judge Jeanine is reportedly coming back within one or two weeks, following her criticism of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s hijab and allegiance.

From The Washington Examiner:

CNN reported Sunday that Fox News host Jeanine Pirro has been suspended due to the controversy over her questioning whether Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Islamic faith is impeding her loyalty to the U.S.

On “Reliable Sources,” host and CNN’s media chief media correspondent Brian Stelter said a source told him Pirro was suspended for one to two weeks. He said Pirro is only in the “penalty box” and his source stressed that she has not been fired and will be back.

The report comes after Pirro’s Saturday evening program was conspicuously absent from Fox News’ lineup.

Asked about it, a Fox News spokesperson told the Washington Examiner, “We’re not commenting on internal scheduling matters.” It’s unclear when Pirro, who also has not tweeted in more than a week, and her show will return.

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