Judge Napolitano Has Some AWFUL NEWS for Barack Obama


Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano was one of numerous legal experts to weigh in on Barack Obama’s alleged wiretapping Trump Tower.

And he’s got BAD NEWS for the former president, a man concerned most of all with his personal legacy.

Napolitano explained that it wasn’t illegal for Obama to wiretap Trump Tower, but, if true, it is a MAJOR scandal, nonetheless.

“The president of the United States on his own may conduct surveillance or order surveillance of any person in the United States upon the filing of a certification with the attorney general,” he said.

Of course, the only thing that actually justifies such course of action is a legitimate threat to national security.

Wiretapping for the sake of tarnishing a political opponent would ruin any politician.

“I think the political earthquake would destroy whatever legacy Barack Obama had,” the judge continued.

For what it’s worth, Judge Napolitano does believe Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, calling the move “immoral, profoundly unconstitutional and utterly wrong.”

H/T Conservative Tribune

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