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Judge Judy SILENCES Anti-Trump Welfare Leech


A probably Bernie Sanders supporter recently went before Judge Judy and began arguing in favor of various liberal ideals. Unfortunately for her, Judge Judy was not having any of her shenanigans.

Allen B. West reported that despite what Sanders and his supporters say, wealth redistribution is nothing but theft with government as the middleman. Using taxes to fund nice things allows liberalism to hide its true colors as an ideology of envy. However, when you cut out government as the middleman, things like the video above the story occurs.

Conservatives who are against wealth distribution constantly face accusations from liberals that they are against the poor. In reality, theses conservatives are simply against this sort of “forced charity” the government mandates.

Conservatives actually give more to charities than liberals do, with the gap here being so wide that even poor conservatives donate more than wealthy liberals do. Liberals have to be forced to give money to these causes via taxes, but conservatives do not.

Judge Judy has always been open about her conservative views, famously endorsing Donald Trump during last year’s election.

“I’m crazy about Donald,” she said during an interview with Las Vegas station KTNV. She went on to say that Americans hunger for “plain speak” and that Trump, known for speaking the politically incorrect truth, has been giving them exactly that.

“I’m looking for somebody who not only the citizens of this country can say is a true leader, but the citizens of the world,” she said. “The president of the United States is the leader of the free world. We have to be able to, the world has to be able to rely on his or her word to feel that they have a good moral compass.”

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