Judge Jeanine’s Opening Statement Went Viral


Fox News Host, Judge Jeanine Pirro, once again delivered a spot on opening statement on her program in which she called out the entire Democratic open borders agenda.

As reported by ilovemyfreedom.org

In her own inimitable style, she delivered yet another epic verdict on the Democrats and their cynical support of the porous southern border and refusal to address the immigration crisis.

Appearing for the second consecutive Saturday after she was silenced by the cowardly suits at Fox, Pirro dropped the gavel on Democrats and delivered a scorching verdict against a party that is determined to flood the country with illegal immigrants who they will leverage at the ballot box.

The judge nailed it during her “Opening Statement” monologue by calling out Nancy Pelosi by name as well as blasting the blatant opposition of the nation’s immigration laws for purely political reasons and even more disgustingly, their policies which she decried as “bloated with political disregard for the American people.”


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