Juan Williams Announces His Departure From ‘The Five’ On Fox News


Juan Williams announced on Wednesday that he was leaving “The Five” after nearly seven years as a daily host on the popular Fox News evening talk show.

“It’s time for One More Thing, and I have an announcement,” said Williams during the final segment of the show.

“This is my last day hosting The Five. COVID taught me a lot of lessons. As the show goes back to the New York studio I’ll be staying in D. C. I’ll be working for Fox out of Washington, my work as a Fox News political analyst will continue,” he explained.

“You know, it’s been going on seven years since I’ve been a daily host of this show. The show’s popularity has grown every single year,” he added.

“So thank you, thank you so much,” Williams concluded, “to you, the viewers, thank you!”

Williams was included in the list of revolving hosts of the show when it premiered in 2011 and became a regular co-host later. He was often the show’s lone liberal voice. When the show premiered Williams was joined by veteran Democratic strategist Bob … (Read more)

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