Joy Behar Keeps Trying to Dig Out of the Hole She Dug. American’s Aren’t Buying It


Joy Behar, one of the vile co-hosts of The View, can feel her career coming to a crushing end.

Never before has she tried so hard to reverse something she said on air.

But when Behar insulted over half of all Americans, not to mention the Son of God, by ridiculing Vice President Mike Pence’s prayer life, she went WAY too far.

Behar already tried to apologize in a follow-up episode of The View, but ended up having something of a meltdown instead.

This week, she was back to pushing the notion that she herself is a Christian, and was therefore by no means insulting Christians.

The thing is, if you don’t believe Jesus is real, and don’t believe he can and does actually talk to and guide people, then you’re no Christian.

Americans aren’t buying the rotten goods Behar is selling any longer.

Time to get her off the air.

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