John Kerry Threatens Trump, Says He Won’t Be President Much Longer


We’ve pointed it out before.

One of the key responsibilities and privileges of being president is the ability to set and execute foreign policy.

On several occasions we’ve pointed out Barack Obama’s efforts to undermine President Trump in this regard.

And now it seems he’s recruited former Secretary of State John Kerry to assist in that plot.

Kerry is out there still meeting with world leaders and diplomats as if he were still in charge of the State Department.

Just this week, Kerry met in London with a representative of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Israel’s Ma’ariv newspaper reported that Kerry passed a message to Abbas urging the Palestinian leader to “stay strong in spirit and play for time, that he will not break and will not yield to President Trump’s demands.”

When in the history of America have we had a former administration so actively working to undermine its successor?

Source: The Jerusalem Post

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