John Kerry Humiliated as Climate Change Prediction Turns Out to Be Totally Wrong


ohn Kerry ominously predicted in 2009 that climate change and global warming were such imminent threats to humanity that the Arctic would have an ice-free summer by 2014.

That never happened.

The jet-setting Kerry is the Biden administration’s “special presidential envoy for climate.”

He made the dire prediction about all the sea ice melting in the Artic in a laughable June 2009 speech when he was a U.S. senator.

“You have sea ice which is melting at a rate that the Arctic Ocean now increasingly is exposed,” Kerry said. “In five years, scientists predict we will have the first ice-free Arctic summer, that exposes more ocean to sunlight.

“Ocean is dark, it consumes more of the heat from the sunlight, which then accelerates the rate of the melting and warming rather than the ice sheet and the snow that used to reflect it back up into the atmosphere.”

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