John Kerry Gets AWFUL News After Scolding Trump on CNN


Outgoing Secretary of State John Kerry might want to keep his mouth shut for the last few days of the Obama Administration.

But, who are we kidding? There’s little chance of this failed liberal listening to reason.

Kerry was at it again on Monday, telling CNN that it was “inappropriate” for President-elect Trump to criticize the leader of another nation regarding their policies.

Earlier, Trump had called German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policies regarding Middle East refugees “catastrophic” for Germany and Europe.

Kerry’s hypocrisy was immediately and brutally highlighted.

Commentators across the Internet reminded Kerry that he has for years been publicly criticizing the policies of Israel, one of America’s closest allies.

Just last week, Kerry came under fiery condemnation from British Prime Minister Theresa May for his treatment of the Jewish state.

In his Senate confirmation hearing, incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said he’s be handling the relationship with Israel much differently than Kerry.

“The secretary’s speech which followed that U.N. resolution [that condemned Israeli settlements] I found quite troubling because of the attacks on Israel,” said Tillerson. “Israel is, has always been, and remains our most important ally in the region. I think in the Trump administration, the president-elect has already made it clear that … we’re going to meet our obligations to Israel as our most important strategic partner in the region.”

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So, along with Obama, John Kerry can pretty much kiss his political legacy bye-bye.

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