Joe Rogan Calls Out Media For Suppressing Hunter Biden Story


* Joe Rogan criticized the media for creating a ‘narrative’ over Hunter Biden’s lost laptops, after it was revealed incriminating content on the computers were real

* During Saturday’s Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan called out journalists for at first suppressing the story, broken by The New York Post, before the 2020 election

* After the Post broke the story, mainstream outlets – such as the left-leaning New York Times and Washington Post – shied away from reporting on the topic

* Twitter even locked the Post’s account for a fortnight after it shared a story later revealed to be true

* The outlets deemed the reports regarding incriminating text messages, photos and financial documents found on the device to be unproven ‘misinformation’

* Files found in Biden’s personal computer included emails of shady business dealings with foreign officials and naked, drug-rife photos with prostitutes

Joe Rogan has chastised liberal media outlets for creating a false ‘narrative’ surrounding Hunter Biden’s lost laptops, after it was revealed incriminating text messages, photos and financial documents found on the devices were authentic.

During a Saturday airing of The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan called out journalists for suppressing the story, first reported by The New York Post and DailyMail.com in the weeks before the 2020 election. He spoke days after The New York Times finally admitted Hunter Biden’s laptop was real, having haughtily dismissed the story as ‘misinformation’ in the run-up to last year’s White House contest.

‘This is the problem that I had with the New York Post article and the Hunter Biden laptop being suppressed,’ Rogan told guest, former CIA officer and security expert Mike Baker on air during the podcast.

‘It’s not that I’m a Trump supporter,’ Rogan first disclaimed. ‘I didn’t vote for him, I’ve never voted for any Republican in my life.’

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He continued: ‘You’re looking at something that’s real information, and you’re hiding it from people cause you don’t like the result you think is going to come out of that information.

‘That’s not how we’re supposed to be doing things.’

The Post broke the story of the contents of the first of three ‘misplaced’ laptops belonging to Biden in October 2020, which came into computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac’s possession after an ‘inebriated’ Biden brought it in for repairs to his Delaware shop in April 2019 and never picked it back up.

Files found in Biden’s personal computer included emails showing shady business dealings by the current US president’s son with foreign officials, and texts that showed him repeatedly using the ‘N-word’ and accidentally overpaying a prostitute $25,000 from an account linked to his dad.

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It also uncovered a 2015 effort by Biden to set up a meeting between Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser at a Ukrainian energy firm, and his father, then-vice President Joe Biden, and other instances of the scion looking to cash in on his family connections.

After the Post broke the story of the laptop’s contents, mainstream outlets – such as the left-leaning New York Times and Bezos-owned Washington Post – largely shied away from reporting on the topic, deeming it to be unproven ‘misinformation.’

Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook also censored initial reports concerning the contents of the laptop, with the platforms similarly categorizing reports on the computer, which were made public after Mac Isaac alerted feds of the computer’s existence.

‘They don’t just love a story, they love a narrative,’ Rogan, 54, said of mainstream outlet’s silence over the scandal, which has since began to garner mainstream coverage after the laptop – as well as two others also bearing incriminating, embarrassing content – were confirmed to belong to Biden.

‘They’re willing to ignore facts to push that narrative,’ Rogan told Baker, 60, who now serves as a national correspondent for The Times.

‘That’s what scares me. What scares me is I think there are objective journalists that work for the Washington Post and The New York Times and there’s real solid journalists out there, but I don’t necessarily know if you’re getting all of the information.

‘I think it’s safe to say that some f*ckery is afoot,’ the former Fear Factor host said.

The Times last week published a story that served as an abrupt-about face on its stance concerning coverage of the story, which contains allegations of corruption, adultery, fraud against the president’s second-eldest son.

In the report, The Times conceded that it had authenticated some emails found on Biden’s laptop.

According to the paper, the investigation involved ‘a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop.’

‘The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation,’ The Times reported.

Saturday, Rogan tore into both The Times and  Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden, who famously and repeatedly denounced reports regarding the laptops as untrue, of knowingly deceiving the American public with what they knew to be a ‘lie.’

‘The New York Times, just now, is admitting the Hunter Biden laptop is real,’ the UFC commentator said of The Times’ report.

‘We remember from the debates with Trump bringing it up to Biden, and Biden saying it’s bullsh*t.

‘It’s a lie,’ Rogan went on to declare. ‘It’s a flat-out lie. Everybody knew it was a lie.’

The host then remarked how Twitter locked The Post out of its platform for seven days in October 2020 sharing its report, detailing the incriminating emails and photos allegedly found on the first of Biden’s laptops.

Emails on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, obtained by DailyMail.com in 2021, revealed how Joe Biden’s son and his colleagues leveraged their US government connections and plotted a propaganda campaign for the grafting Romanian tycoon.

The FBI obtained the device from Mac Isaac sometime in 2020, and found that the Case ID on the receipt from the Delaware man’s shop linked Biden to transactional money laundering investigations.

Mac Isaac was reportedly harassed after The Post’s reports of the laptop’s contents went public.

The laptop, however, was just one of three owned by Biden that have come out of his possession and contained sensitive information.

Each hold sensitive information on Biden’s father, and embarrassing – and in many cases, incriminating – photographs, videos and communications sent by Hunter himself.

The second was seized by federal agents in October, shortly after reports first surfaced regarding the contents of the first, a 2015 MacBook Pro, and a third, which is still missing, taken by Russian drug dealers after they partied with Biden in Vegas, he told a prostitute in a conversation caught on camera.

Leaked from the third laptop, is footage of a naked Biden seemingly doing drugs with an also nude prostitute in a Las Vegas hotel room.

After filming himself having sex with the woman using his laptop in January 2019, Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Vegas bender in which he spent ’18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite,’ sometimes costing $10,000 a night.

‘I spent f***ing crazy amounts of money,’ Hunter said. ‘I was with these guys. The one guy was, not like you anyway… each night he’d be like ‘there’s going to be so many people here, crazy f***ing party’ and each night it’s nobody.’

Biden claimed Russian drug dealers stole the laptop for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in the Las Vegas hotel room, DailyMail.com revealed last year.

Biden’s claims raise the possibility that he was targeted as a vulnerable conduit to his father, as part of a foreign intelligence operation.

Under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), anyone advocating for foreign entities to US government officials, or acting as a publicist for a foreign entity in the US, must add themselves to a Department of Justice public register.

However, an exception applies for attorneys representing a client in a foreign court case, who are not required to register under FARA.

Emails from the first computer show Hunter’s colle… (Read more)

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