Joe Biden’s New Plan to Fix Supply Chain: Truckers Can Drive at Night. (They already do)


As concerns about the global supply chain loom large, people have turned to President Joe Biden for potential solutions in the United States.

However, one of Biden’s proposed solutions to resolve delays is something that already takes place: truck drivers working overnight.

“That means an increase in the hours for workers to be moving cargo off ships and onto trucks and railcars to get to their destination. And more than that, the night hours are critical for increasing the movement of goods because highways are less crowded in the evening, at night,” Biden said in a news conference Wednesday.

Todd Spencer, the president and CEO of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, released a statement about Biden’s remarks, according to American Trucker.

“Truckers have been working tirelessly to keep the country safe and productive throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They have already been operating around the clock but are often restricted by factors beyond their control such as excessive detention time and the lack of readily-available, safe parking for their trucks,” Spencer said.


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