Joe Biden’s Campaign Just Died On National Television At The Hands Of MSNBC And Mika Brzezinski, Watch As He Stumbles And Fumbles Through Tara Reade Questions


Biden finally addressed the sexual assault allegations on Friday with, what he likely thought, would be a softball interview on MSNBC.

But MSNBC has not taken a handle Biden with kid gloves approach and he found that out when he sat for an interview on “Morning Joe.”


Biden made his mistake when he called on the National Archives to release any records that show a complaint against him by his former staffer Tara Reade.

The reason it was a mistake came when MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski asked him why he would not allow the same search for her name to occur in the University of Delaware records.

The look on his face, as he stumbled and fumbled to find any excuse of why he would not allow that, could be the nail in the coffin of his campaign.

“The first is about your University of Delaware records. Do you agree with the reporting that those records were supposed to be revealed to the public and then they were resealed for a longer period of time until you leave ‘public life?’’

“And if you agree with that, if that’s what happened, why did that happen?” the host asked Biden who had a prepared answer.

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