Joe Biden May Have To ‘Pony Up Some Dough’ For ‘Libelous’ Comments About Kyle Rittenhouse: Jesse Watters


Jesse Watters slammed the mainstream media and President Joe Biden for their comments about Kyle Rittenhouse, saying media used to focus on demonizing politicians but have now turned their focus on everyday Americans.

“The mainstream media has now moved from demonizing politicians to demonizing regular people,” Watters said. “I have never seen anybody look so different than what they’re portrayed on in the media.”

He cited Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who guarded their St. Louis home with guns as left-wing protesters broke into their gated community, as being demonized for doing so.

Another example Watters raised was then-Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, who won an undisclosed settlement payout from CNN over coverage that portrayed him as the aggressor after he was confronted by a Native American elder. “It was like a car crash you can’t look away from, you are not able to look away. My eyes were glued to the TV watching my character get torn apart,” Sandmann said on Fox News Friday.

“[The media] go[es] after the McCloskeys, they go after the Nick Sandmanns. They go after Kyle Rittenhouse. They go after parents for speaking out, and the American people have seen that – they’re repulsed by it,” Jesse Watters continued.

Rittenhouse hinted on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday that lawyers may be looking into a possible defamation case. During the interview, Rittenhouse accused President Biden of acting with “malice” and defam… (Read more)

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