Joe Biden Makes Bold Prediction About 2020 Election. Is He Right, or Just Insane?


The 2020 presidential election is already gearing up to be way more raucous than the one we just had a year ago.

And that’s say a LOT.

We now know that former Vice President Joe Biden, after being humiliatingly spurned by his own party in 2016, will contest the presidency next time around.

And he’ll join an ever growing field of Democrats eager to take down President Trump.

According to a new poll released by Politico, Trump’s defeat is a foregone conclusion, and all that remains is to decide which Democratic candidate to field against him.

That survey showed Biden winning 46 percent of the vote to just 35 percent for Trump, if the election were held today.

It’s important to remember, of course, that such polls ultimately mean very little.

First of all, it’s way too early in Trump’s presidency to be predicting his defeat in the next election.

Second, similar polls prior to the 2016 election also predicted Trump had no chance, only to be proved woefully inaccurate.

Source: Newsweek

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