Joe Biden Kicks Off Presidential Campaign With Shocking Statement About Obama


Is Joe Biden going senile, or was he simply not paying attention for the past decade?

It’s gotta be one or the other (or that he’s just a flat-out liar), because in an appearance on The View just after officially announcing his candidacy for president in 2020, Biden claimed that there were no scandals during the Obama Administration.

“I’m incredibly proud to have served with him,” Biden said of Obama. “The thing I’m proudest of is, coincidentally, we were each in a different part of the country, and we were each talking to groups of people who were being televised, and at the same day, purely coincidentally, we got asked the question: What are you proudest of in your administration?”

“And you know what I said? And it turns out he said the same thing, probably a little more clearly than I did, that not one single whisper of scandal,” he added, to great applause from the liberal audience. “And that’s Barack Obama. That’s because of Barack.”

Seriously?! On what planet is this guy living?

Space prevents us from going into too much detail, but off the top of our heads we can easily list Benghazi, the Obama DOJ’s tapping of Donald Trump’s campaign and its blatant refusal to fully investigate Hillary Clinton’s wild negligence, and Obama’s failure to enforce his red lines regarding the use of chemical weapons in Syria, which made America a laughingstock in the Middle East.

We could go on, and on, and on. But, needless to say, the Obama Administration most certainly had its fair share of scandals. For liberals to claim, and perhaps even believe, otherwise demonstrates just how dangerously out of touch they really are.

H/T Western Journalism

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