Joe Biden Held a Rally the Same Day as President Trump, With One HILARIOUS Difference


Remember when Democrats tried to make it seem like far fewer people showed up for President Trump’s inauguration than for that of Barack Obama?

Well, it’s time for a little payback, only this time the numbers are genuine.

On Saturday, Trump was in Nevada to address a rally for Sen. Dean Heller ahead of next month’s midterm election.

Despite the rural location of the rally, tens of thousands of people turned out to hear the president and to cheer on their senator.

At the very same time, former Vice President Joe Biden was addressing a rally for Heller’s opponent, Jacky Rosen. And, despite that rally taking place in Las Vegas, no more than a few hundred people turned out to hear Biden extol Rosen’s virtues and attack the Trump presidency.

Guess Democrats still haven’t figured out that America has tired of their message and agenda.

Via Breitbart

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