Jimmy Kimmel Gets BAD NEWS After Mocking First Lady Melania Trump


Funny man Jimmy Kimmel seems to be running out of original jokes, and so has taken to mocking immigrants.

Yes, the ultra-liberal late night host was actually caught making fun of the accent of an immigrant to this country – First Lady Melania Trump.

The fact that she’s wife to the president shouldn’t prevent her from being treated decently, as liberals insist we do for all immigrants, whether legal or illegal.

But the fact that she is President Trump’s wife apparently made her fair game to Kimmel, who mercilessly mocked Melania’s Slovenian accent in a recent skit.

That put Kimmel in hot water with Slovenians, both back in the old country and among those who have made America their home.

Via Conservative Fighters:

USA Today reports that residents of Sevinca, Slovenia, the town of 5,000 where Mrs. Trump spent her youth as Melanija Knavs, are not amused by Kimmel’s attacks on the first lady.

“It’s very hard to speak English. Melania’s been in the U.S. so long and she still has some problems, but Jimmy Kimmel should come to Slovenia and see how hard it is to speak another language,” said Helena Horjak, 24.

“It’s just not fair,” added Maya Kantuzar, a nurse. “Melania is trying to help everyone. She is doing a really good job for children.”

Sevinca is proud of their hometown girl who ascended to the White House, and celebrates her achievement with menu items such as the “Presidential Burger,” “First Lady Apple Pie,” “Melania Wine,” and even a “Melania Tour” that includes her former nursery and middle school. Her childhood home is still owned by Melania’s parents.

It used to be that first ladies were off-limits to such political smearing. But Democrats these days have abandoned all decorum.

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