Jim Acosta Says Trump ‘Goes Back To Being Another Crackpot On The Internet’ After January 20


CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta said that President Donald Trump will become “another crackpot on the internet” after he leaves office.

Acosta appeared Friday night on “Anderson Cooper 360” to discuss Trump’s Rose Garden statement about Operation Warp Speed and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Host Anderson Cooper soon brought the topic to the Trump campaign’s legal fights over the election and the president’s refusal to concede to President-elect Joe Biden.

“This is the first time we have seen President Trump over a week, first time I have seen him talk about Covid for a while,” Cooper said. “The legal battles are falling apart. When is the inevitable going to happen?”

“Well, he was pretending in this Rose Garden address that there is some sort of way for him to get back to the White House come January 20th,” Acosta said. “That’s not going to happen. He was even talking at so… (Read more)

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