Jihadist Police Officers – Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?


Don’t be surprised if you soon spot friendly neighborhood police officers donning burkas.

No, you haven’t been transported to the Middle East (where, of course, most Muslim nations would never allow women to be police officers in the first place). This is just the natural progression of our topsy-turvy liberal society.

Currently, this measure is being discussed in the UK, where authorities appear to be in favor of allowing female Muslim police officers wear a burka as part of their uniform.

Of course, if the UK does it, you can bet that frothy-mouthed liberals over here in the US will be screaming for burka-clad police, too.

A couple of things about this story are really striking.

First, folks don’t seem to realize that Muslims who go so far as to wear a burka would most often describe themselves as jihadists. Maybe not the kind of jihadist who straps a bomb to his or her chest, but jihad takes many forms. And all of them have the same end goal–imposing Islam upon the society around them.

The second thing to take note of is the double standard with which these Muslims are treated.

As we pointed out, jihadists, even the “peaceful” ones, are still dedicated to spreading Islam. And they receive almost no flak for that from society at large. But Christians who are trying to actively spread the Gospel? Forget about it. Liberal progressive society absolutely HATES them. Nor could Christian police officers get away with wearing blatant symbols of their faith, like a giant cross on the outside of their uniform.

So, why is all of this OK for Muslims, but not for Christians, especially when we live in supposedly “Christian” nations?

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