Jesse Watters’ Plea To Stop The Complacency: ‘Many Americans Just Sit There And Take It. Why? This Isn’t Who We Are.’


In a rousing editorial that opened his FNC show, Jesse Watters called upon the American people to overcome their complacency as he sees it. The country should demand accountability from the D.C. Swamp that is, among other things, responsible for the filled-with-pork $900 billion so-called COVID relief bill in Congress that was written by lobbyists and special interest groups.

“You get the government you deserve. We elect these people and rarely demand change. And when they sabotage a president who actually changed things, we don’t rebel, we don’t march, we don’t resist. We watch it on TV.

“Our form of protest is just changing the channel…We used to storm the ‘castle’ over abuses of power like this. Now we just raid the fridge. So in 2021, let’s relight that great American spirit. Let’s stand up to this den of thieves because they’ll just keep robbing us blind until we actually do something about it,” the Fox News host concluded his “Watter’s Words” monologue, which is embedded below in two parts.

Watters provided a litany of various forms of wasteful spending in the stimulus bill, including money sent overseas when ordinary, hard-working Americans are suffering. “A million here, a billion there, while Americans scrape by because politicians won’t let them work. They close our restaurants and sneak out for a five-course meal while nobody is watching,” Watters noted, alluding to the long list of Democrat elected officials who have been caught flouting economy-crushing lockdown rules that they have imposed on their constituents.

“Many Americans just sit there and take it. Why? This isn’t who we are. That’s not who are forefathers were. It’s not the American spirit,” the host of Watters’ World declared.

“When business owners couldn’t take it anymore and reopened, so they could put food on the table for their families, politicians had them arrested…Gym owners, pub owners, arrested,… (Read more)

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