Jerusalem City Guard FIRED For Trying to White-Out Jesus


The City of Jerusalem has taken harsh punitive action against one of its municipal city guards after he disrespected Jesus.

Tour guide Eran Tzidkiyahu posted on Facebook that he was walking through the square in front of the Jerusalem Municipality when he spotted a guard using white-out in a vain attempt to conceal the name of Jesus on a commemorative plaque.

Of course, putting white-out on engraved stone only serves to HIGHLIGHT the name you’re trying to conceal.

(The Facebook post is in Hebrew, but just hit the “See Translation” link. While not perfect, the translation is adequate to get the gist of what happened.)

Still, Tzidkiyahu was incensed.

He photographed what the guard had done and insisted that he remove the white-out immediately.

The guard refused and denied he had done anything wrong. So Tzidkiyahu called over two police officers, who found the white-out on the guard and promptly filed report of vandalism.

The Municipality went a step further, and following a brief investigation, pronounced the guard’s actions to be “unworthy” and unceremoniously fired him.

In the name of Jesus.

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