Jenna Ellis’ Epic Post On Facebook: “This May Come As A Shock To Your Sensitive Egos, But I Don’t Work For You”


Jenna Ellis:

Dear Reader,

This may come as a shock to your sensitive egos, but I don’t work for you. Neither your criticism nor your praise are what I’m after, and your comments don’t bother me one way or another. Frustrating for you, I know.

It’s amusing to see people love me for one thing and then criticize me for something else the next moment. I really don’t care. Remember, you’re not my client. You also have such a wide range of opinions, as the general public does.

Mayor Giuliani told me at the beginning of this particular fight that public figures find out quickly how secure they are. Wise advice. I’ve learned I am very secure—not in myself or my own strength, but in my identity in Christ. Thankfully, God allowed me to endure other various tests of my reliance on Him before this fight.

So I don’t care about the slings and arrows of critics. Some of your criticism may even be right—I have no shame in admitting imperfection or growth or changes (actually a good thing to look back and see you’ve grown!). I hope to always be growing in righteousness.

My goal and aim in this and in life is to serve God and my country to the best of my ability, and I’m grateful to serve this wonderful President, whom I dearly admire for his courage and service to our country. He is amazing and secure in his own identity in Christ also (of course, mainstream media won’t tell you that). I’m after protecting our Republic.

Now, I post this not to address you the critic reader ultimately, but rather to encourage other young men and women who may be struggling with craving fame or enduring criticism. Don’t bother much worrying about either. I’ll correct the record and call out morons when it’s helpful to the cause, but not for my own sake. That’s only a distraction.
Neither the love nor the hate of Dear Reader ultimately matters. Have mentors you trust (I have several), serve your best by giving your all, and at the end of the day when you have given your all, remember you live only to hear the words from our Lord, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

God is good and faithful all the time. May you and I live our lives worthy of the calling He gives.

Micah 6:8 ❤️

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