Jason Whitlock on BLM in Football: ‘The NFL Will Never Be Seen The Same Again ‘Cause of The Failure of Leadership’


Sportscaster Jason Whitlock said Monday that by adopting the changes demanded by “Black Lives Matter” (BLM), the National Football League (NFL) “will never be seen the same again because of the failure of leadership.”

“So when I look at what the NFL is doing, this goes against every value that the NFL has built itself on, professional sports have built themselves on, a celebration of Americana and the ideals and values that best exemplify America,” Whitlock told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

He stated that the league has “built themselves on unity and unifying the country” but that the decision to promote “Black Lives Matter” policies is undermining that objective.

“If the NFL starts out its season with everyone standing for ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing,’ the black national anthem, and then virtually everyone on the field taking a knee when ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ plays, I think it’s going to be — if you remember the show ‘Happy Days’ — the jump-the-shark moment when it’s like, OK, ‘Happy Days’ is over,” Whitlock said.

The NFL will reportedly begin playing “the black national anthem” before every game. It has also committed to spending $250 million in order … (Read more)

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