Japan is Ready for Serious Business! Positions Chief Warship To Shield US Against North Korea


Daily Maiil reports that North Korea has announced it will go through with new nuclear tests ‘at any time and any location’ Kim Jong-un chooses.

One spokesman for the dictator stated on Monday that the country is all set to ‘bolster the nuclear force to the maximum… at any moment’ as an answer to US’ aggression.

It happens that the freshest ballistic missile the North Koreans tested that was believed to have been unsuccessful on lift-off might not have been merely that.

“Elsewhere, South Korean experts warned the YTN cable news channel that a North Korean missile test on Saturday might not have failed, as previously thought.” The official stated “the missile might be been deliberately detonated in mid-air as Jong-un tested a warhead explosion, a step in triggering a nuclear warhead detonation.”

The U.S. has sent additional ship into the region, in order to secure the USS Carl Vinson and the whole strike group.

Japan has sent the Izumo, its biggest warship since WWII to shield our USS Carl Vinson

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